We at RevRath Inc. believe that Customer is yet to be made the king. The Businesses have always succumbed to cost cutting, competition and shut downs due to poor understand of customer needs, experience and preferences.  Most business have compromised in the Indian context leading to poor growth and retard overtime. We at RevRath Inc. wish to make Business more meaningful in there offering. This results in

  • Understand the customer perception
  • Accountability in your team/employees to serve customer well
  • Identify your Patron
  • Build on Customer base
  • Repeat Business
  • Be a Certified Business in your region and offerings
  • Help you to expand business based on customer reviews
  • Build a strong relation and Association with your brand
  • Reduce Advertising Cost
  • Word of Mouth Marketing
  • A 360 degree feedback on customer
  • Improve Business process
  • Value every Customer irrespective of its Business Value


We always believed only customers with best and worst experience help in improving the business standards. Every business goes through one phase of renovation helping it to grow bigger than ever. We at RevRath wish to

Valuate your Customer Experience to improve your business standards as low as 5,000/-

  Basic Medium Premium
Review Yes Yes Yes
No. of Customers Reviewed 5 15 25
For Types of Organisation Small Medium Large
No. of Product/Service Validated 1 2 5
Certify your Business through Customer Ratings No No Yes
Publish on the Social Network No No Yes
Refine your Business Process No Yes Yes
Pricing 5000/- 15000/ 25,000/-