RevRath Inc. has achieved a COE in the industry esp. in Recruitment and Business Consulting.



Recruitment Association Board (RAB)

  • Are you a startup and need advice and help ?
  • Are your sure you are working for the right client from long time with unsatisfactory results?
  • Does your client pay in standard?
  • Does your Client Hijack your candidate without knowledge?
  • Does your team need better learning platform?
  • Do you need more clients to work for?
  • Are you going through challenging times in your business?
  • Have you defined the best process?
  • Have you defined the best process?
  • Are you able to track your teams performance?
  • Are you able to meet your Targets?
  • Does your team know the art of closing a position in “record”(least) number of profiles?
  • Do you want to know its worth forecasting on a client?
  • Do you see delayed feedbacks?
  • Do you want to partner with other friends?
  • Do you have a assignment to share with others on mutual basis?
  • Do you want to connect, share and update the Recruitment industry?

Recruitment Transformation Model

We at RevRathInc believe that the recruitment industry can perform a lot better with just minor changes in its approach. This will not need

  • Innovation
  • Years of hard work
  • Expensive team members
  • R and D center
  • Brains of IIT or IIM’s

We just need to be able to apply minds and implement simple new ideas for greater business value and earn credibility. We importantly believe there needs a greater change our communication lines and make a immense change. Recruiting has a immense demand variouse industry, organization and types of business; industry just follows the RAT race only to be left behind in lurch. There has been a study that over 50% of the recruitment firms close in 1year, 20% in 2year and 15% more by 3rd year of inceptions. Furthermore few of the ones immensely depend on single clients on growth due to.  This is only due to not applying mind in the approach towards theirbusiness.